Dawn of Peace is a creative community and peace organisation, dedicated to protecting the integrity and sacredness of all Life through conscious activism. Our mission is to build bridges and create true peace by educating people about the spiritual reality of life. We advocate nonviolence, holistic healing, and self sovereignty as vital tools for the evolution of humanity.

Our goal is to guide people beyond the current doctrine of apathy, deception and dominance into a culture of compassion, truth and freedom.

Dawn of Peace was founded by Henna Maria Vermeulen on the 11th of November, 2019, in Andalucía, Spain.


Henna Maria - Photo by Dave Vickers

Our Collective


I am a vegan psychologist, existential psychotherapist, author, and communications trainer originally from London, UK, now living in Sydney Australia. Having originally trained as an organisational psychologist, I held a number of lectureships in universities around the world and continue to provide in-house, public and training to enhance communication, team-building and culture.  My work now focuses on providing vegans, animal advocates and animal protection agencies around the globe with tools to live in this “not-yet” vegan world and communicate the imperative of veganism more effectively.  

I coined the word Vystopia, the mental anguish of knowing about the systematised abuse of animals within a hidden dystopian world and am the author of  several books, including,  The Myths of Life and the Choices We Have (2005), Communicate: How to Say What Needs to be Said, When it Needs to be Said, in the Way it Needs to be Said (2012) and Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World (2018).  I co-founded the Vegan Voices Online Training, am co-contributor to the Vegan Education Australia (VEA) 30-DayVegan Challenge, and contributor to numerous books including  Plant Powered Women and Everyday Vegans.  

With our freedom of thought, speech and movement now under serious threat,  Mark Doneddu, Founder of World Vegan Day Australia (one of the largest vegan festivals in the world) and I continue to co-host the Second Stage Vystopia: What Else Don’t We Know webinar series to help vegans continue to challenge societal norms and discover the truth.
The series can be accessed at: https://veganpsychologist.com/2ndStage


I'm a North American born artivist and culinary adept presently residing in the United Kingdom. I often do business as a detoxification specialist, rehabilitative nutrition/fitness consultant, studio musician, and writer –– though a large portion of my work over the past 15+ years has been centred around development and preparation of gourmet raw, organic, seasonal and wildcrafted plant-based cuisine. Having been an ethical vegan since 1990, my longstanding life philosophy may best be described by use of the Sanskrit term “Ahimsa” (meaning non-violence or non-harm) in accordance with scriptural guidelines as outlined in Genesis 1:29.

Examples of my culinary creations may be found via Instagram, as well as my website, which began in 2012 as means to document research, experiences, and recipes during my efforts to recover from a “permanently disabling” accident incurred whilst cycling in Los Angeles. My intentions were not only to heal from my own injuries, but also aimed toward assisting others in similar situations by creating an ever evolving point of reference. It was also around this time that I became further involved in spiritual service, often dwelling in monastic settings (and occasional hermitage) throughout the process of initiation and chartering of UNLESS Ministries as a vessel and overseeing entity for LORAX Community activities. 

Now, more than ever, my primary focus remains targeted toward personal sovereignty, health freedom, respect, and peaceful co-existence with all beings in accordance with Natural Law.


It is fundamentally important for people to fully comprehend that: In order for us to have peace, we must be free. Peace and freedom are incredibly important to me as they are essential features of life, for all living beings, not just humans. This is particularly pertinent at the moment with respect to the ever-increasing attacks on and removal of our freedoms. In order to become free, we need to understand why we are not free. One of the main reasons is because others have illegitimately taken away our ability to control our own lives. This is an unacceptable situation; it is to help change this situation that I became an activist.

The core goal of my activism is to provide people with the information they need to make truly informed decisions, not only about their health, which is a key area of interest for me, but about all aspects of their lives. The ability to make informed decisions empowers people to take responsibility for their actions. This will restore the power to where it truly belongs - with each and every one of us.



I am Emma from Tampere, Finland. I live with my husband and my daughter. She is very playful and full of life, my sunshine! She is the reason for my activism on the current situation of the world. Our children deserve better; colourful and active life surrounded by peace and freedom. Not faceless people and restrictions.

I work as an artist; as a painter and a tattoo artist. Veganism and animal rights are close to my heart as well and all of my tattoos are vegan friendly. My spirit animal is wolf and they are my favourite animal to paint.

My website is:


I am and have always been a seeker. Having grown up in a tiny town in a Finnish forest, I was naturally called to explore the world. I moved to California by the age of 18 and began my activism helping the homeless in San Francisco. In 2008 I started campaigning for refugees with Amnesty International in Finland, and in 2012 I became vegan and started advocating for animals rights in London.

My search to comprehend the inner and outer landscapes of life eventually took me to the cradle of indigenous wisdom, the Amazon Rainforest. There I learnt ancient healing arts apprenticing with the Shipibo tribe together with my husband Richard for 5 years.

In 2019 I founded Dawn of Peace, bringing together my love for activism and spirituality, and began forming a collective of peace makers, who have the capacity to address the diverse issues of our world from a holistic and compassionate perspective. In 2021, I became the international coordinator and director of Police for Freedom - educating police and civilians about our inalienable rights, in order to build unity and rehumanise our societies.


Henna Maria - photo by Dave Vickers


My name is Holly and I live in the state of North Carolina in the United States of America.  My whole life I have found joy and happiness in relationships with others, animals and nature.  At a very young age I developed a love of nature, with family trips to the ocean and playing in the woods, near lakes and ponds, and on farmland with my sister near our home in Virginia. I developed a special affinity for our cats and dogs and the horses and deer close to my childhood home. As a nurse, my mother has always served others in ways to support their health, wellness and healing. I am proud to follow in her footsteps, as I've happily discovered my calling to help people learn about and use their body's innate ability to heal. Currently, I enjoy studying holistic medicine and making naturopathic remedies.  I've spent my adult life dedicated to serving very young children, their families and caregivers.

My search for a sovereign truth likely started when I was born, however I remember awakening after losing my earthly father several years ago. Since then, I have been committed to gaining a clearer understanding of who we are as human and spiritual beings, as well as the true nature of our physical and spiritual reality. I am passionate about activism in the areas of child and animal  protection, holistic health, medical freedom, natural law, self-sovereignty and protecting humanity. Through continued learning about human and spiritual development, I have come to better understand the interconnectedness of all conscious beings and am committed to teaching and learning about the sacredness of life. I remain dedicated to ending animal suffering and protecting the spirit and wellbeing of all children.

Jerneja Tomsic PhD

I am Jerneja from Slovenia, living in the USA with my Italian husband and two cats. I have always loved animals so with my husband we studied biology. Instead of going into the ecology field we decided to study molecular biology and ended up working in cancer research a few years after we moved to the USA.

I learned fast that volunteering is big in this country and in 2009 I started volunteering at a church-based food pantry and a few years later (after my dog of 17 years passed away) I also started volunteering at a sanctuary for farmed animals in Ohio, where my life was changed forever. A year after I started volunteering at the sanctuary, a steer named Bambi, that we rescued on a cold day in February from a failed horse rescue, helped me go vegan and stay vegan. Doing more research as a vegan brought me to the understanding that many if not most cancers can be prevented, so why are we not talking about it more?

I have been a vegan activist for years now, but I was bummed as apparently, I had no talents that could help with advocacy to make this world a better place (not a musician, a graphic designer or computer savvy). I am just a lab rat and I have been running polymerase chain reactions (PCR) day in and day for 25 years. And then 2020 happened and my journey as human rights and human freedom advocate started. As we bring the truth to the world, we will all be set free. Humans and animals.


I am a researcher with a technical background in computers and development that goes back 25 years.  In 2012 I started to research various topics to empower myself and I have been doing that ever since - not just for myself but also in the hope that my understanding and insights into things may benefit others.

During my research I discovered the principles behind natural law and the importance of being in alignment with these principles for the betterment of self and humanity.



I live beside the sea in Connemara, in the West of Ireland, a magical place that I feel deeply connected to. I am passionate about rights and freedoms for humans, animals, and all the small beings of varied consciousness that make up our natural world.

I am what would probably be described as a bit of a Luddite, and I long to return to living a simple, land-based life, in tune with the natural rhythms of the world. Natural healthcare and an holistic lifestyle are important to me.

I am currently studying a plant-based Healing Diets course, and learning to make small toys for children from natural materials. The last year has propelled me on a journey of personal and spiritual discovery, and has ignited an urgency inside me to fight for those rights and freedoms which are being systematically stripped from us.


I’ve been an activist for nature, peace, and animal rights for a really long time. My dad never tired of arguing about my bumper stickers. I’ve written a few books to help the world go vegan including, Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul and Homo Ahimsa: Who we Really are and how we're going to save the world.

In addition to animal rescue work, some of my current projects include the Animals' Peace Prayer Flag project, vegan spirituality interviews and retreats, co-founding Animal Outreach of Kansas, The Circle of Compassion, Prayer Circle for Animals and Interfaith Vegan Coalition. I was so happy to be in the excellent film, “A Prayer for Compassion,” and was thrilled to receive the Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award in 2014. 

I live at Ahimsa Acres in Kansas and spend as much time as I can outdoors celebrating life with the animals and trees and flowers.

My website is: www.peacetoallbeings.com


Hi! My name is Laura. I’m a spiritual seeker from Finland. I’m 35 years old mother and yoga teacher.

I love animals, children, different cultures, nature.

As a mother I’m worried about our and our children’s future. So human rights has become a matter of the heart for me. Lots of love 💕


From an early age I have been vegan based on the firm belief that inflicting suffering upon any living being is criminal and unnecessary. Life is sacred. Ignoring this will lead us far away from our true essence: we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.

I am based in Argentina but have lived in The USA, Australia, Germany, Thailand and Spain. I am a published author and activist.

Since 2009, I have been aware of the global agenda and together with other international activists, we have been creating awareness of the health and  psychological operations that have led us to the current situation. I realised that the spiritual roots - being the cause of the threat to become completely dehumanised - was not being addressed.

I initiated the World Wide Rally For Freedom in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We peacefully demonstrated at the most popular park celebrating our freedom and having lectures with renowned doctors. We are acting from the knowledge that nobody can take away your rights if you are connected to your essence. The frequency of protest creates more resistance, adding fuel to the predator's game.

Once you realise you are free it is the end of the game. We have to inspire with the coherence between our thoughts, feelings and acts with conscious activism. You don’t fight the darkness - you just turn your own light on.


My work is all about coming back to our true essence and remembering why we chose to come onto this planet. I guide others on this path back to the Self, helping them reconnect to their innocence and pure source energy through channeling, trauma healing work and other modalities. As we do this we begin to experience ourselves as truly free, sovereign and infinitely powerful creators. This is the journey that humanity is on right now, on a path to remembering that there is no one external to us that has power over us. It is about us reclaiming our power as the creators of reality and as reflections of pure source energy. It's a journey from separation back to unity consciousness.


I'm a human rights and vegan activist, and the founder of VeganLife, the first online vegan page in Arabic language. My work is to bring people together, to create connection where there previously was none. I help people to understand each other as well as their own inner experience. I host workshops and gathering, as well as offer private therapy, where people can experience deep healing.


My task is to empower people to step into their power as creators and to reclaim their inner authority and true sovereignty. As we do this individually, we begin to do it collectively and we can create a New Earth based on love, integrity and freedom.



Hi, I am Richard and I am a musician, writer, web designer, activist and healer. I handle the technical side of things here at Dawn Of Peace.

From 2013, together with my wife Henna, I trained with indigenous shamans in the Peruvian Amazon for 5 years, learning the ancient art of ‘curanderismo’ - specifically healing with plant medicine. I now use this knowledge and training to help others overcome sickness, addiction, life hurdles and self sabotage.  

I am also an activist for human & animal rights and do my best to live life in accordance with Natural Law and the Essene way of peace and harmony.



I have been in practice as a plant-based nutritionist, naturopath, counsellor and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner since 1995. My interest in plant-based nutrition sprang from going vegetarian when I was 15; witnessing the transformative impact of a wholefood plant-based diet on thousands of clients has only increased my respect and appreciation for the healing power of this way of eating and living, for our bodies and minds. My husband and I have raised our two children - now 20 and 16 - on a vegan diet, which has nurtured not just their physical health, but their compassion and spiritual well-being. Our rescue dog, Comet, is also thriving on a vegan diet. My mission is to turn the world vegan, one healthy and delicious meal at a time!


Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary author of the acclaimed best-seller The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages, is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. He’s also the author of Your Inner Islands, on developing intuition, as well as editor of Circles of Compassion, on the interconnection of social justice issues and editor of Buddhism & Veganism.

A vegan since 1980, he is a frequent radio, television, and online presenter, and has created several wellness and advocacy training programs. Featured in Cowspiracy and other documentary films, he is the co-founder of the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals. A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. from U. C., Berkeley, Dr. Tuttle is a noted composer and pianist. Since 1985, Dr. Tuttle has delivered 4,000+ live audience presentations encouraging compassion and vegan living, in over 50 countries worldwide and in all 50 U.S. states.

See www.worldpeacediet.com for more details.

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